To make laundry management easier for you, our gas clothes dryers have features to tackle every load in a shorter time. You need not worry about whether it rains or shines!

Benefits of our gas clothes dryers include:

  • Faster than Electric Dryers: Delivers a laundry load in less than 60 minutes
  • Protects Health: The drying process kills most dust mites and micro-organisms which are harmful to humans
  • Intelligent Mechanics: Saves time and money as it automatically customises drying time to suit every laundry load
  • Easy and Convenient: With computerised programmes, different fabric types can be dried with one touch of a button
  • Compact: Fits easily into small yards or laundry areas in homes with its compact size
S$ 900.00
RD-600CG Gas Clothes Dryer
S$ 900.00

Running 50 percent faster than a conventional electric dryer, the RD-600CG is cost effective and ensures that clothes dry extra quickly.

S$ 925.00
EBD 786 TG Gas Clothes Dryer
S$ 925.00

Your dream for a clutter-free kitchen is now possible. Free up precious floor space with the UK-made Elba Gas Clothes Dryer, the first stackable gas-powered model in Singapore! Get clean and allergen-free clothes whenever you want, no matter the weather forecast.

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