City Gas provides a wide range of piped town gas solutions for commercial customers in industries such as hospitality, F&B, medical, retail, and many more.

Our piped town gas solutions include:

  • Water Heating: Gas water boilers and water heaters are used to generate hot water in cooking and washing. Other solutions for water heating include pool heating systems for jacuzzis and swimming pools. We provide solutions for centralised gas hot water systems or standalone water heaters
  • Cooking: Piped town gas is supplied to a wide range of food preparation appliances such as burners, kwali-woks, rice cookers, steamers, stock pots, deep fryers, hot-plates, broilers, ovens and others
  • Drying: Gas clothes dryers for the drying of clothes and bed linen for hotels, country clubs, fitness centres, nursing homes, etc.

We also provide commercial solutions to create special effects as well as in laboratories for bunsen burners, fume cabinets, cookers, brazing hearth and soldering equipment.

New City Gas Gallery!

We are now located at Plaza Singapura #03-78. The Gallery at 8 Cross Street is permanently closed.