gush cair interior paint

5 litres

Specially formulated, cair interior paint is an all-round solution to combat indoor air pollution – giving you and your loved ones a healthier interior.

Proudly innovated in Singapore.

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About gush

Bad air quality leads to asthma, allergies, decrease in cognitive abilities and has adverse long-term health effects. This is made worse by the fact that we spend, on average, 80% of our time indoors.

gush helps you take charge of your interior environment by transforming your walls, the biggest surface area around us, into a tool that purifies your air, so that your loved ones can breathe better and live better.

The features
Air Purifying

Breaks down VOCs, formaldehyde and odours into harmless by-products such as H₂O and CO₂.


Prevents moulding on your walls, keeping mould-related health conditions at bay.


Eliminates 99.9% of infection- causing bacteria such as E. Coli and S. Aureus.

Regulates Humidity

Absorbs moisture when the air is too humid, and releases it back into the air when it is dry.

Zero VOC

A zero VOC, odourless, and non-toxic formulation for your safety, whenever you are indoors.

Releases Negative Ions

Clears PM2.5 and dust particles in the air, so they do not enter your nasal passages.

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Our Colours

We have more than 200 colours for you to choose from. Our online colour book serves as reference only, and does not reflect an entirely accurate colours of the paint. This is due to variance in display across different screens.


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