• Frequently asked questions
What is required to operate the Airbitat?

A single-phase 13A power source, minimum 1-bar pressure water-inlet is required. A water discharge point is also necessary as the system automatically discharges any excess water at the end of operations.

What is the water consumption?

The Airbitat consumes around 20 liters of water an hour. *Subject to environmental conditions*

Does misting occur at the nozzles?

The Airbitat is not a misting solution and all moisture is completely evaporated before leaving the unit.

How do you ensure the cleanliness of the system?

Excess water is discharged at the end of each day to prevent water stagnation. The Airbitat runs a shutdown cycle that ensures the evaporative media are completely dry.

What is the noise level of the Airbitat?

The noise level is about 65 – 70 dBs at full operation.

How is the Airbitat greener when compared to Air-conditioning?

The Airbitat consumes up to 80% less power compared to air-conditioner. It is also free of harmful refrigerants, and produces negligible waste heat to the environment.

Why is the power consumption so low as compared to an Air-conditioner?

The Airbitat does not utilize a power-intensive compressor or refrigerants, working solely on the premise of rapid water evaporation.

Where does the Airbitat work best?

The Airbitat works best in well ventilated spaces, preferably with adequate shelter from the elements. These can include commercial spaces – such as semi-open urban areas, outdoor attractions, alfresco dining outlets; or even in industrial spaces such as large factories and hangars.

Can the Airbitat be used indoors?

The Airbitat can be used indoors, but only with sufficient ventilation. It is not advisable to use the system in a totally enclosed space due to the gradual build-up of humidity.

What type of maintenance is required?

Requires a thorough cleaning of internal components once every 6 months. For pre-filters, which are attached to the removable grills, we recommend that it should be washed regularly depending on the ambient condition in which the Airbitat Smart Cooler is installed.

What is the product lifespan of the Airbitat?

The Airbitat has a product lifespan of about 5 Years.

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