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Our Plant

City Gas owns and operates Senoko Gasworks, the sole production facility of town gas in Singapore. It has a production capacity of 1.6 million Smper  day.

Senoko Gasworks is equipped with the most advanced automation control system. The distributed control system, which is a computerised process control system, enables experienced plant controllers to operate, monitor and control the piped town gas production and ancillaries from a central control room, ensuring the continuous supply and delivery of piped town gas islandwide.

The production of town gas is monitored and controlled 24/7. As town gas consumption in Singapore fluctuates over a 24-hour daily cycle, with peak periods of high gas demand from 10am to 12 noon, and 5pm to 7pm, two types of gas-making reforming plants are used in an intertwined manner to meet daily demands. They are:

  • Cyclic Catalytic process type for peak requirements
  • Continuous Catalytic process type for base load operation

Senoko Gasworks produces town gas from three continuous reforming plants and five cyclic reforming plants. The plants are capable of using both natural gas and light virgin naphtha as feedstock.

Town gas produced can be stored in two spherical gasholders or sent out through the distribution network to customers.