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Hawker Spotlight 2016

City Gas collaborated with the Singapore Tourism Board to host Hawker Spotlight 2016 at East Coast Lagoon Food Village on 17 July 2016. The hawker showcase is part of the annual Singapore Food Festival which aims to bring the people of Singapore together in celebrating our prized hawker heritage and the history of an iconic hawker centre each year.



Mr. Moses Lim interviewing one of the participating stalls during the media tour

The media tour was led by food connoisseur, Mr. Moses Lim, where five award-winning hawker stalls from the City Hawker Food Hunt contest, shared their stalls’ heritage and showcased their preparation techniques. The hawker stalls are: Curry Fish Head – 东方虹美食 #01-37, Popiah – 人工湖 #01-40, Bak Kut Teh – 韩家肉骨茶 #01-42, Char Kway Teow – 春香炒虾面。酿豆腐 #01-46 and Satay – Haron’s Satay #01-55.



Participants enjoying themselves during the mini popiah rolling competition


Mr. Moses Lim with the featured dishes of the media tour

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