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Fast answers to common questions. Learn more about City Gas’ products and services here.



Is the gas supplied by City Gas safe?+-
Why choose City Gas rather than bottled gas?+-
Is there a minimum charge for using City Gas?+-
What should I do if I wish to make alterations to gas pipes or position of gas appliances?+-
What should I do if I wish to relocate the Gas Meter to outside my HDB unit?+-
What should I do if I suspect a gas leak?+-


Gas Water Heater

Will the gas water heater occupy a lot of space?+-
Is it difficult to operate?+-
How do I adjust the hot water temperature?+-


Gas Clothes Dryers

Are Gas Clothes Dryers easy to operate?+-
Are Gas Clothes Dryers safe?+-
Is it is more costly to run on gas than electricity?+-
Where can I install the Gas Clothes Dryer and does it occupy a lot of space?+-
What are the charges like for installing a Gas Clothes Dryer?+-
Where can I purchase a Gas Clothes Dryer?+-


Installation and Maintenance Charges

Why are there charges for the turning on or termination of gas supply?+-
What is the procedure involved to turn on the gas supply?+-
What is the procedure involved to terminate the gas supply?+-
Is the charge for the turning on of gas supply imposed on top of the standard gas pipe installation charge?+-
Will the service charge be imposed on me if I were to apply for temporary gas supply termination due to renovation works?+-
How will the service charges be billed?+-
Where do I view the full list of standard gas installation charges?+-
Where can I direct any further enquiries to?+-


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