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Benefits of Using Town Gas

  1. Gas is a cleaner source of energy compared to electricity, the CO2 emissions from using gas is far lower than that from the use of electricity.
  2. Switching from an electric storage water heater to a gas water heater can potentially help to save 10 trees per year per household.
  3. Piped Gas is a safe low-pressure cooking and heating fuel used in domestic and non-domestic applications. It is 2 times lighter than air, allowing it to dissipate freely into the atmosphere.
  4. A gas water heater compared to an electric storage heater can save users up to 80% on water heating utilities.
  5. A gas water heater will produce 63% less carbon than an electric storage heater.
  6. Water vapour represents the bulk of the by-products produced during the combustion of town gas. This is because the main component of town gas is hydrogen and during combustion, hydrogen will react with oxygen in the air to produce heat and water vapour.


Information extracted from “Piped GAS, Clean Energy for a Greener Singapore” by Dr Lee Siew Eang.

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