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Residential Projects




Four in ten private homes are piped with piped gas supply and there has also been increasing popularity of our gas products, especially our gas water heaters. Below are some of the applications which we offer for Condominium projects:

City Gas provides a continuous supply of gas straight into homes and is also safe and convenient to use. With no storage space required, home environments are kept hygienic and tidy.

Water Heating

City Gas offers a suite of gas water heaters to suit every home’s needs. The compact and stylish designs of our gas water heaters not only enable greater cost savings, they are also eco-friendly and reliable, enabling perfect showering experiences. City Gas water heaters have all been tested to the EN26 standards by TUV SUD PSB Singapore.

The current models which we offer for Condominium projects are the Ferroli Built-In Pump model and the Ferroli Standalone model.


The City Gas Clothes Dryer RD-600CG is faster than electric dryers and is more energy-efficient. It’s intelligent mechanics also enable users to automatically customize drying time to suit their laundry loads, making it a good addition to modern homes.

Central Laundromat System

Our laundry systems are designed with special features to reduce water and energy cost. Laundry duties are made easier with the streamlined easy-to-use Micro-DISPLAY Controls.


The City Gas Barbeque Stove enables customers to BBQ,
roast, grill or teppanyaki dishes. It also comes equipped with a side stove for heating up sauces or soup.


Some of the Condominium projects which are equipped with piped gas supply, gas water heaters and gas clothes dryer points include: Amber Residence, Kovan Residences, MartinPlace Residences, Emerald Mansion, D’Almira, Oasis @ Elais and Lucent.

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