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Food Industry

Many central kitchens rely on town gas for bulk manufacturing of food products for distribution. We have customers that manufacture sauces, nonya kuehs, poh-piah, various types of pau and instant noodles, to name a few. A good number of special events caterers as well as ‘tingkat’ caterers also prefer to use piped gas for their steaming, grilling, roasting, frying, cooking and baking processes.

Water Heating

Gas water heaters are used to provide hot water for washing and cooking in central kitchens.


Many central kitchens choose to use piped gas and gas appliances as it enables them greater operational efficiency at lower cost. Some of the common gas appliances used include burners, combi ovens, kwali-woks, rice cookers, steam cabinets, stock pots, and deep fryers.

Project Reference

The Quayside Group is one of our customers in the food industry. Some of the common gas appliances used by our food industry customers include the three deck oven and aeromatic burner:


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