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Spas/Fitness Centres

Many spas and fitness centres use piped gas for their hot water systems, jacuzzis and drying of laundry as the lower operating costs keeps businesses efficient. They can choose their preferred gas applications based on the size of their businesses.

Water Heating

Centralized Gas Hot Water System
Centralized gas hot water systems provide hot water for showers and common amenities. These systems also preheat hot water to power up steam generators.
Standalone Water Heater
Gas water heaters provide hot water for showers and also to preheat hot water for steam generators.

Pool Heating System
Pool heating systems are used to maintain water temperature of hot tubs and Jacuzzis.


Clothes Dryers
Gas clothes dryers are used for the efficient drying of bath and face towels.

Project Reference
Spa Botanica, California Fitness and Pure Fitness are some of the spas and fitness centres which use our piped gas.


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