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Gas water heaters and gas clothes dryers are fast becoming a popular choice for laundries. City Gas provides the gas pipeworks and the mains required for the efficient operating of these gas appliances, ensuring a clean and tidy environment for the industry.

Water Heating

Gas water heaters and boilers are used in laundries to provide hot water and steam to the washers and steam ironers.

Clothes Drying

Gas clothes dryers are used in laundries as they are more energy efficient and cost effective for businesses. Gas clothes dryers also prevent over-drying, such that clothes always turn out soft and fluffy.

Project Reference

DIY Laundry,
Easy Wash, Espresso Enterprise and Wonder Wash are some of the largest self-service coin-operated laundromats in HDB estates. SCORE, the major laundry service provider for all major hospitals in Singapore, also uses piped gas and gas appliances.


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