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Integrated Resorts


Piped gas is used in various applications in the Integrated Resorts, including for water heating and cooking in the service facilities, and even for the special flame effects seen in Universal Studios.

Special Effects

Piped gas is used for shows and rides, as well as to light up gas torches at Universal Studios Singapore in Resorts World Sentosa.

Water Heating

Water Heaters
Gas water heaters are used to preheat water used for rinsing process of dish washing machines, and also for manual dish washing at sinks.
Hybrid Centralized Gas Hot Water System
Gas hot water systems are used to boost up hot water from the heat recovery system to the desired temperature, and supply it to the showers in hotel guest rooms and common amenities.

Piped gas supply and appliances powered by piped gas are used in banquet kitchens, all day dining kitchen and F&B outlets. Some of the appliances used include air-blast range, combi oven, deck steamer, barbeque stove and baking oven.

Project References
Resorts World Sentosa uses our Hybrid Centralized Gas Hot Water System to provide hot water to their hotels.



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