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Many hotels choose to use piped gas for their daily operations due to the high efficiency and cost effectiveness of the appliances. The various applications which use piped gas include water heating, cooking and also laundry services.

Energy Generation

Piped gas is used in the tri-generation or co-generation of electricity, steam, hot water or chilled water.

Water Heating

Centralized Gas Hot Water System
Our centralized gas hot water systems provide hot water to the showers in hotel guest rooms and common amenities.

Water Heaters
City Gas water heaters are used in the preheating of water to be used for rinsing process of dish washing machines and in providing hot water for manual dish washing at sinks. Hotels also save on time and electricity consumption by using external standalone gas water heating sources to supply hot water to washers to reduce their washing cycle.

Gas Boiler System
Boiler systems powered by piped gas provide steam to laundry equipment.

Pooling Heating System
Our pool heating systems enable hotels to maintain water temperature of spas and swimming pools.


Air-blast range, combi oven, deck steamer, BBQ Stove, baking oven (including other gas cooking appliances) powered by piped gas supply are used in banquet kitchens, all day dining kitchen and F&B outlets.

Clothes Drying
Gas clothes dryers are used by hotels to dry clothes, bed linen and etc.

Project Reference

» City Hub Hotel – Jalan Besar
» Klapsons Hotel – Hoe Chiang Rd
» Hotel – Tanjong Pagar


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