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City Gas provides gas supply for many hospitals, such as Singapore General Hospital, National University Hospital, and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, just to name a few.

Water Heating

Centralized Gas Hot Water System
Centralized hot water systems powered by piped gas are used to provide hot water to the showers in patient wards.
Pooling Heating System
Our pool heating systems allow hospitals to maintain water temperature of their therapy pools.
Sterilizing facilities and steam boilers powered by piped gas are also used for sterilization of surgery equipment. 


Our piped gas supply powers gas appliances such as combi ovens, deck steamers, soup boilers and many others for food preparation in hospitals.

Bunsen burners in hospital laboratories are also powered by piped gas.

Project Reference

The Institute of Mental Hospital uses our gas water heater setup to provide hot water to their showers.

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