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Hawker Centres

Many hawker centres rely on City Gas for a continuous and reliable supply of piped gas.

Benefits of choosing piped gas include:
» convenience as piped gas is continuous
» save space as there is no need for gas cylinders
» reduce possibility of potential fires and safety hazards. We also provide a range commercial burners suitable for different types of cooking.

Comparison of City Gas vs. LPG 

City Gas

Gas System Low Pressure System (4″ – 6″ w.g.) High Pressure System (18 – 20 psig at the cylinder outlet; 1psig = 28″ w.g.)
  Lighter than air (Piped gas dissipates into the atmosphere when it leaks.) Heavier than air (LPG will sink to the floor or go down the drains when it leaks.)
Large Gas Cylinder Compound
No Yes
Gas Supply Continuous supply at stable pressure Requires replenishing and changing of gas cylinders
Meter Accuracy Control  Meters are in accordance with EN 1395 and accredited with SAC-Singlas (Spring Singapore) under ISO 17025  Yet to be regulated.


Water Heating

Gas water boilers and water heaters are used for hot water in hawker centres for cooking and washing purposes.


Burners, combi ovens, kwali-woks, rice cookers, steam cabinets and stock pots are some of the gas appliances used in hawker centres for the preparation of food.

Project Reference
Popular hawker centres such as Maxwell Hawker Centre, Chomp Chomp, and East Coast Lagoon use City Gas for their daily operations.

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