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Our Milestones

City Gas was formed as a divested entity from PowerGas Ltd on 2 January 2002. Today, it is a fully owned subsidiary of Keppel Infrastructure Trust. Our core business is to produce and retail town gas for all domestic, commercial and industrial customers.

The town gas story began as early as 1861, where Singapore Gas Company was established to provide gas lighting for the growing nation.

In 1901, the Municipal Commissioners took over the operation and rapidly expanded the gas supply network. By 1940, gas was used more for both cooking and heating water than for lighting.

Gas production was subsequently moved to Kallang Gasworks. It officially ceased operations in March 1998. All gas operations were then moved to the state-of-the-art $240 million gas plant at Senoko, which is still producing and supplying gas to all users till date.


 Year 1861

Founded as Singapore Gas Company.

 Year 1901

Taken over by the Municipal Commissioners to extend the gas supply network for street lighting.

 Year 1963

Became part of the Public Utilities Board, and oil gasification plants were replaced by the pollution-free naphtha gas-making plants.

 Year 1995

The Electricity and Gas Departments of the Public Utilities Board were corporatised to form Singapore Power.

 Year 1997

Senoko Gasworks officially opened – a $240 million facility with a production capacity of 1.6 million cubic metres of gas per day.

 Year 2002

City Gas Pte Ltd was formed as a divested entity from PowerGas Ltd on 2 January 2002.

 Year 2003

Natural gas from South Sumatra, Indonesia, began being piped to Singapore. The natural gas was also used as partial feedstock to produce town gas.

 Year 2004

The 500,000th town gas customer landmark was achieved.

 Year 2007

City Gas Trust was constituted as a private trust on 5 January 2007 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of CitySpring Infrastructure Trust.

 Year 2008

The 600,000th town gas customer landmark was achieved.

 Year 2011

City Gas celebrated its 150th Anniversary.

 Year 2014

The 700,000th town gas customer landmark was achieved.

 Year 2015

Formation of the enlarged CitySpring Infrastructure Trust on 18 May 2015, which was renamed Keppel Infrastructure Trust.

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